Spelling Bee Contestants 2016 – 2017


We would like to acknowledge this years spelling bee contestants!

3rd grade:

  • Victor Valle
  • Lucas Duzan
  • Brad Wright
  • Hailey Wathan
  • Wash Davis

4th grade:

  • Jayla Endrizzi
  • Witt Constable
  • Karson Spangler
  • Micah Thompson
  • Madison Fisk
  • Bekah House

5th grade:

  • Jono Rennert
  • Bailey McNurlan
  • Maddie Skelley
  • Kate Miller
  • Micah Koritz

6th grade:

  • Christian Funk
  • Hudson Ruppert
  • Corinn Wiegard
  • Tyler DeBrun
  • Allie Moore

7th grade:

  • Carter Byrne
  • Wray Vallier
  • Collin Hovis
  • Aiden Cusack
  • Michael Davis
  • Keegan Allen

8th grade:

  • Alexis Shew
  • Ben Kirby
  • Lisa Echols
  • Emma Macomb
  • Irina Yeakley

Congratulations to the ones that get to move on to the next one! We wish you the best of luck!

Senior Student

Adrianna Myers

Homecoming Week / Homecoming Game


Starting Tuesday (January 17th) through Friday (January 20th), Decatur Christian will be allowing the students to participate for homecoming week. We encourage all of junior high and high school to dress up! Each student that participates will get a point for their class. The class with the most points by the end of the week wins! Although it is fun, please make sure that your student is still dressed modestly. (No leggings, no tight clothing, no shorts, etc.) Below is each of the dress days:

Tuesday is pajama day

Wednesday is twin day

Thursday is class color day (below is the color’s for each class)

  • Senior – Black
  • Junior – Purple
  • Sophomore – Red
  • Freshmen – Green
  • 8th – Orange
  • 7th – Pink
  • 6th – Yellow

Friday is spirit wear!

Also – don’t forget to come out and support the boys at the Homecoming Game on January 20th.

Senior Student

Adrianna Myers

Happy New Year!!!


I always love whenever it is a new year. For me, it is a way of starting over. It is a new way to leave behind what no longer works, what no longer is helping me grow as a person, and instead, I set life goals in motion for me to reach my dreams in the new coming year. As many people say, it is very easy to fall back into old ways and old habits almost immediately. So, this year, I really wanted to focus more on my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is often very easy to fall away from Him. I took time to write down all the things that I wanted to let go of that happened in 2016, I ripped it up in multiple pieces, and I threw it in my fire place. It was a way for me to mentally and emotionally start all over. I wanted to create a new space in my heart for Jesus Christ and make more time for Him this new year. I just wanted to encourage anyone that may feel like it’s too late to start over – it is definitely not. God bless your new year!

Senior Student

Adrianna Myers

December 20th Information


The schedule for Tuesday, December 20th will be a bit different this year.  Please note that PK – 5th grade will have a full, normal school day.  Most elementary classes will have their Christmas parties around 2:15 p.m.  Please check with your child’s teacher and class newsletter for exact information.  Jr. High and high school students will be on a “special exam day schedule” and will be dismissed for the day at 11:46 a.m.  If your secondary student needs to stay all day, please let the office know.  They will be able to purchase lunch and an activity will be provided for the afternoon. Have a blessed Christmas break and a Happy New Year!

Senior Student

Emily Reeves