Students Pray at DCS Flag Pole

Each year students around the globe gather at their school flag pole to pray for God’s blessing and guidance in the world. The event is called See You at the Pole and it happened this year on September 23rd. Prayers topically range from things like national leaders, local leaders, families, schools, and friends. At Decatur Christian this year, students met in several groups for fifteen minutes up to about half an hour. COVID-19 restrictions do not allow for groups of more than 50 at a time in one space. Gathering around our flag pole, or grouping together in the grass near the flag pole was easily done by adapting our group sizes. Middle school students met together first beginning around 8:15 am. Next to pray were the high school students. Then, elementary grades met either together with another class or two, or by grade level with their teacher. It was a great morning seeing our students pray and show care for others as they called out to the Lord.

Radio Interview with Pastor Hohm on Talk101fm

Each month, Decatur Christian School is highlighted in the “Spotlight on Education” radio segment with Scott Busboom and Doug Wolfe. This month, Pastor Hohm talked with Scott and Doug about opening school for on-site instruction. Our opening day was August 17th, and everyone was so excited to be back together again! Enjoy listening here to the broadcast.

DCS re-entry plan for fall classes

The administration and school board of Decatur Christian School have worked through our plan for opening school on schedule for on-site instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. The scheduled move to Phase 4 for the State of Illinois on June 26th would clear the way for a return to classes on-site at our regularly scheduled school start date of August 17th. There will be modifications to our normal operating procedures including temperatures being taken at the school doors and also following guidelines for group sizes for our chapels and other events. The school would also not be open for casual guests or classroom visits during Phase 4. Please review this document concerning our re-entry plan and thank you for your understanding as we continue to lead with excellence in education and care.

Pastor Steve Hohm

Let Me Show You Around

“Decatur Christian School is dedicated to the healthy educational and spiritual development of all of our students. I’d like to take you on a quick tour of our school and let you see just what awaits your student in this Christ-centered Pre-K3 through 12th grade school. We love what is happening here, and we are sure you will, too!” – Pastor Steve Hohm, administrator

Harman reaches 1000 points at Greenview High School away game

Caleb Harman became the 6th DCS boys basketball player to reach 1000 points at the Greenview High School on Saturday, February 8, 2020. It was an away game, and Caleb and team had been tracking his points getting closer to the goal for about two weeks. Caleb knew exactly where he was at on the points total. The team clapped and celebrated on the bench when the 1000th point went in the basket.

Coach Tim Yeakley had an award basketball ready to be presented to Caleb, and after the game in the locker room, Coach ceremoniously gave the ball to Caleb. Written on the award ball was “DCS 1000 Point Club – Caleb Harman – February 8, 2020”.

Then, the team all went back up to the gym from the locker room to celebrate with the fans. A photo shoot took place, and 100,000 Grand candy bars were distributed by Julie Drew.

Way to go, Caleb!

DCS Varsity Basketball Team celebrates with Caleb Harman on his 1000th point!