#lunch – BluBrew

Mr. Parrott forces Blu Brew staffers Michael, Bianca, Ben, and Ashley into a tasting of Chai latte, then divulges into cookies, puppies, gusto, and public speaking.

#lunch – Hunting

Mr. Parrott tries and fails to get an argument going between Karissa, Colleen, and Adam on hunting and ethics, but in the end finds a debate just as the bell rings.

#lunch – College

Come along with Mr. Parrott and Mr. Hohm as we remember what college was like, while hearing some of the plans and choices for future colleges from Michael, Monte, and Zach.

#lunch – Fashion


Mr. Parrott is taken to school on the topic of fashion trends with Ashley, Riley, Becca, and Daniel, and talk about fashion flubs, the trends of the past, and how the dress code improves student’s fashion sense.

My Personal American Hero


The essay contest is open to any DCS student in grades 3-12. • The essay contest ends on October 26th at 4:00 PM. All essays must be turned in to Mrs. Calendo in the DCS office by this time. • The essay must be based on “My Personal American Hero.” • The essay must be… Continue Reading