London Trip

As spring break approaches, so does the trip to London. Every year, Mr. Minott takes a select few high school students to London for an educational trip. This year is the 23rd annual trip to London. While there, students see many historical sights and buildings all over London, along with watching plays and traveling throughout… Continue Reading

People are Like Swords

Most of the people who know me know that I love a good story, so it’s no surprise that I like stories such as Naruto. Naruto is the story of a character of the same name, who lives in a world full of people with supernatural powers. Though the story has many, many things I… Continue Reading

It’s a Wonderful World

Though it doesn’t always seem so, we are surrounded by a truly wonderful world. Many people always overlook it, counting the bad things and disregarding the good. As a result, they keep all their thoughts and emotions to themselves. However, God doesn’t call us to do that. As Jesus lived His life, He always talked… Continue Reading