Next Year’s Senior Class President

As this year is coming to a close some people such as the next year’s senior class officers need to start preparing for next year. Daniel Tomlinson is the junior class president.  Daniel says he is looking forward to the opportunity that is in front of him to learn more about being a leader. According… Continue Reading

Trivia Night

We held a trivia night last Friday here at DCS. This was my first year in attendance to our trivia night. I did not go last year because I didn’t think I would enjoy myself at trivia night. This year I was not planning on going but I stayed to help set up and eventually… Continue Reading

My Last Year of Basketball

This year of basketball was my second and last year of high school basketball. Last year was the first year I played on our high school basketball team. In these two years that I have been a part of this team I have really seen the highs and the lows of our team. These two… Continue Reading