At Decatur Christian School, we strive to maintain a rigorous academic program which honors the tenants of our Christian faith.  We believe that we ‘study to show ourselves approved unto to God, workmen who are not ashamed’ (I Timothy 2:15).  We believe that we were created by God to have strong intellect and wise discernment therefore our courses are built upon sound curriculum with measured guidance by our teaching faculty and administration.  You will not find a more caring staff.


The full day preschool program for 3 and 4 year olds is full of wonderful surprises.  Our preschoolers are given opportunities to explore and learn the fundamentals of basic reading and counting, shape recognition, listening, manners, and personal responsibility.  Above all, they learn to love God’s word.


The Decatur Christian Elementary school program embodies a “back to the basics” approach to education.  We have found great success in our early grades with intense phonics, consistent math practice, and exposure to the wonderful world of history and science.  Elementary students enjoy field trips, class activities, music, PE, and foreign language.  Above all, they learn to love God’s word.  In general, our class sizes are 15 to 20 students with one class per grade.  We offer a delicious and complete hot lunch program.  Hot lunches cost $2.75 ea.  Currently, we have 3 separate lunch times: K – 2, 3 – 5, 6 – 12.


Our junior high and high school classes are comprised of distinguished teachers and exciting preparatory classes both on campus and online.  AP and remedial academic classes are available.  We’ve adopted Rosetta Stone as our foreign language program so any language Rosetta Stone offers is accessible to our students.  Our students have a wide variety of electives from which to choose including Greek, Hebrew, German Studies, Music, Art, and Entrepreneurship.  Above all, they learn to love God’s word.

Standardized Testing

DCS assesses student achievement by using the Stanford Achievement Test for 2nd, 5th, and 8th graders.  This is administered in April of each year.  High School students participate in the PSAT as juniors (PSAT qualifies National Merit Scholars), and the ACT/SAT as juniors or seniors.   The DCS test code for the ACT is 141-559.