Academic Excellence – STEM Integration

We offer a wide range of high quality teaching and extra-curricular activities.



We provide students with the opportunity to learn more about robotics and exercise their STEM abilities. This includes working with Arduinos and doing basic programming on switchboards.



Through critically studying different religions and their respective scriptures and deities, students will begin to understand a variety of world cultures. The religions studied can be modern and historical, and therefore provide a historical context to the development of different theologies.


Arts & Humanities

We offer musical classes through formal instruction by helping students learn a variety of different musical instruments. Our dedicated teachers are highly knowledgeable and love working with students.



We teach our students entrepreneurship to help them develop their critical thinking skills from a business perspective. As entrepreneurship is an ever-growing field, we find it highly-relevant in today’s classroom.

K-12 Math Courses


Mathematics is a part of the foundation of each grade level. We continually help students learn the fundamentals, and build with more advanced concepts introduced early on to provide the highest quality of education.



In the biology curriculum, students will become skilled in the areas of structure, function, distribution, identification, and taxonomy of living organisms. Our teachers are dedicated to ensuring a full understanding of the biological processes of life.

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