Entrepreneurship is a class that is preparing us for a business. It teaches us what all goes into a business; the planning, supplying, maintaining profit and balancing it all in the end. The Entrepreneurship class is held during 2nd hour in first semester, which in the beginning they are preparing for the opening of the Blu Brew, the school coffee shop. Student Michael Hohm says, “I am a part of the marketing team, my team is in charge of the fliers and the announcements that go on in school making sure people know what’s going on.” There is also the purchasing team, cleaning team and others that keep the Blu Brew up and running. Wes Osborne is on the purchasing team and he says, “I like to come up with new ideas that could help the Blu Brew run better and think of the pros and cons of the business.” This class is a good way to get in the business field and see what it would be like to be working in a business that you are running yourself. Not to mention the perks of going to class and sampling the new products, like Alex Newbon, who says the smoothies are his favorite part about being in Entrepreneurship. So if you are looking to learn more about business and all the adventures it holds, consider Entrepreneurship, not to mention that Mr. Reynolds (the teacher in charge) is an awesome teacher to have!

Beth Wiggins
Student Senior