Final Life Lesson

Just as I learned many life lessons from Naruto, Phoenix Wright and Okami, I also learned many things myself, without the need for a separate story. One such lesson-something I still struggle with today-is never to look back. It’s incredibly hard to put God first in your life, and to keep your focus on Him. I’ve been trying to do this for years, but every time I succeed, I get distracted. Often, I get my focus solely on Christ, and I feel like nothing can stop me, but I look back at my failures to put Him first up to that point, and everything falls apart. When this happens, I come back where I started, trying to get back on track and put God first in my life, not myself or any material goods. This has happened many times, but I will not give up. There is one thing I know now: never give up on yourself or on God, and never look back on any failures in the past when you get to Him. Only focus on God, and the future He has laid out for you.

-Tyler Clemons, Senior Student