Get Involved!

Have you ever heard the phrase “one drop in the bucket makes all the difference.”? People have said this when referring to helping the environment. It means that even when you think your small change to your everyday life didn’t really help and went unnoticed, it didn’t. Imagine if everyone thought that. If everyone thought that they were that one drop in the bucket that wouldn’t be missed, it would stay empty. Every little thing really does help and adds up to something bigger.

There are many ways you can help out and make our environment better. In your household, you could start recycling. Just get a recycling bin, (if you don’t already have one) and put in your plastics, glasses, etc. into it. Another way of helping would be with conserving water. As you’re brushing your teeth, turn off the water when you’re not using it, do the same thing when washing your hands. You could do the same when showering also, but I find that it would be a little harder. Next would be to wear your clothes more than once. If you only wore your shirt for a couple hours, it’s not dirty (unless you played in the mud or got some food on it), so just wear it again. It will cut back on water by not washing it.

Another thing is, get involved in your community! Plant flowers, volunteer to mow someone’s yard for them, or rake leaves for someone who may not be able to! Not only can you save your plants, but also make it a happier one. If you just do simple things for someone else, you can put a smile on their face or give them a lasting impression on us showing the love to Jesus to others.

If you cannot get involved outdoors, do it indoors! Volunteer at the Humane Society, at your church, or homeless shelter. You could also go on a mission trip! I have not been on one out of the USA, but I would love to someday! I have volunteered to go one with my church just a few cities away, and that really made a difference on my life! I encourage you to get out there and go on a mission trip, you’ll love it! You are blessed to be a blessing to others. Get out there and do something to better this world!!

Ashley Chivers
Junior Student