God’s Not Dead

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 DCS did a pack the house at Hickory Point Theater for the movie God’s Not Dead. I attended this movie showing and saw several of the students from DCS there. This movie is centered on a freshman in college named Josh who is a Christian. He goes to a secular college and is taking a philosophy class from a philosophy teacher who claims to be a devout atheist. The first day of class all of the students are asked to write on a piece of paper three words “God is dead” and then sign the paper. Josh tells the teacher he can’t do it because he is Christian. So the teacher forces him to prove why God’s Not Dead in front of the class. The common thread of the story after this part is he and others defending their faith. This movie in my opinion is really good and I recommend any Christian to see it because it is heartfelt and relatable to any follower of Christ.

Dylan Grider, Senior