On this Veterans Day the High School art class contributed to the assembly by putting together an American Flag banner. We spent the week prior to the event thinking up ideas and brain storming on what we could do that would really mean something to the brave men and women who would be joining us. Many ideas came to mind but none really expressed how much we appreciated their service. Tyler Massey, a senior student in art, came up with the idea to turn one of our moving partitions into a giant American Flag but to put a new twist on it. The flag was painted and placed in a way that it looked as though it was blowing in the wind, and in my personal opinion this gives it more of a symbolic look, and on it we placed the passage “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends- John 15:13.” While making this project it really makes you think how great these people really are. To us it’s just a simple flag, a simple art project but to them this is the flag that they see and it’s a reminder to them that they are free and they played a very important role in keeping us free. Sometimes you just need to take a step back from life, and take a humble view of all that goes on around you and how privileged and blessed you are. These Veterans never lose sight of that and they never forget how blessed we are, that’s why they are hero’s and why we should have the utmost respect for them. So to us an American Flag is just a flag, but to those who have served it’s a comfort, a reminder, and one of the most beautiful sights they have ever seen.

Beth Wiggins
Senior Student