Illini Volleyball Game

Last Friday night, November 11 the Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyball teams went to the University of Illinois in Champaign to cheer on the Fighting Illini women’s volleyball team as they played against Penn State. The Fighting Illini at the beginning of the season were ranked #1 in the nation but moved down to #7 as the season went on. Penn State was #9 and might have lowered since last Friday.

The game gave all of us girls a great bonding experience. We enjoyed some Panera before the game and ice cream after. 🙂 When we got to the game we had a little issues with people not being on the list to get in, but thankfully we got it all worked out. Walking in, we were very excited! We thought that we were going to be stuck at the top in the far back based on the size of the crowd. When we walked by the Fighting Illini cheering section filled with men and women of all ages cheering as loudly and crazily as possible, one of the boys stopped us while we were looking for our seats to tell us that the bleachers that were right behind the court with an amazing view were available for us to sit in. After hearing that news the game became even more exciting as we were right there on the court pretty much. The boy that told us about our seats came over carrying a handful of newspapers that were used for cheering… and during starting line ups they held them up while the other team was being announced. It was awesome that they let us be a part of their cheering; it gave us a great experience.
In college, the volleyball games are played best out of 5. The first game came around and it kept going back and forth between each point but ended up with a win for the Illini. Second game came around same as the first, extremely crazy but yet again Illini pulled through with a win. The third game decided whether or not the games were over or if they kept playing. Same as the first and second games it was very close the whole game it got to 25-25 and then continued until Illini finally one at 28-26. All the games were crazy and intense to watch! The way those girls hustled was amazing and really inspired several of the girls coming back next year.

I think going to that game was a great choice! It gave us girls bonding time, taught us some more about volleyball, and gave us some great memories! I am so glad we got the opportunity to go it was a great experience.

Senior Student,
Michelle DeBrun