Invest In Kids

Direct your Illinois tax dollars to tuition assistance for Decatur Christian School!

On Thursday January 25, 2018 a parent forum was held to disseminate information about scholarship opportunities for private schools.  Thanks to the Invest in Kids Act donors can specify how their tax dollars are used.

If you have not heard there is new legislation that provides donors with tax credits and private school students with scholarships.

Click here to view the 2018 January Parent Forum presentation.

Please review the helpful resources page of the presentation for full details.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the school office at 217-877-5636 and ask for Jim Reynolds, Brian Minott or Tim Yeakley.

To make contributions its as easy as Register, Reserve and Donate!

Step 1: Register on the Illinois MyTax website.  For help and detailed instructions see the following MyTax Illinois YouTube Help video

Step 2: Reserve your tax credit after you have registered and received your LetterID

Be sure to specify Region 4 – Children’s Tuition Fund of Illinois
MyTax Reserve Credit.  This is where you tell Illinois you are going to make a donation and they will issue a certificate for use at the time of donation.

Step 3: Make your donation by visiting the ACSI Children’s Tuition Fund for Illinois and be sure to specify Decatur Christian School
ACSI Contribution Page

Tuition Scholarships

Click here to Apply for scholarship