It’s That Time

We all know it is about time for school to end. This time of school has a lot of mixed emotions. Some people are glad that summer is here while others are sad that they won’t get to see many of their friends often anymore. These emotions are more prevalent in seniors than in any other class because we are not going to be coming back here next year and see each other again. As the end of the year approaches more and more often this realization sets in. You sometimes just sit and think that the people I have been with for over the past decade I won’t be seeing every day anymore–maybe not even every six months after we graduate. Now in some cases we will head to the same college and get to see each other, but that isn’t often the case. Even though some may go to the same college you might not get to see each other often. Some people will go to different colleges nearby so you might be able to see them occasionally. Even still people may go out of state and you might not see or hear from them for six month periods. People will often try to stay in touch after high school and not lose their friends, but even with that, thistransitional period can sadly be where many friendships end. It can also be where they are made stronger and make them last forever.

Dylan Grider, Senior Student