Life Lessons in Preschool

//Life Lessons in Preschool

by Amy Miller, Pre-K Director

Every spring we have a seed project in my preschool class.  Each of the kids gets a Ziploc bag, and we put some wet cotton balls and some bean seeds in the bag.  The kids decorate a little greenhouse paper, and we staple the bag to the greenhouse artwork. Then, the plastic bag gets taped to the window.  We talk about what plants need to grow: nutrients, water and sunlight.  Then, we wait.  The kids keep checking the bags to see if there are any changes, sometimes several times a day.  In a few days, we start to see some sprouts coming out of the seeds.  The kids start to get excited and are always checking the bags.  We see sprouts in some of the bags, but not all of the bags.  We talk about being patient and having to wait.  Within a week, almost all have sprouted.

Unfortunately, and it happens every year that I have done this project, there are a few bags whose seeds do not sprout or show any growth at all.  It’s always hard to watch a little one whose seeds are not growing.  I’ve had some kids respond with anger.  I’ve had some respond with sadness.  Of course, the first question is always, “Why?”  I gather the kids around and we talk about why some seeds grow and some don’t.  We talk about farmers planting crops or people planting a garden and how not every seed or plant grows.  We discuss how sometimes things do not turn out how we expect.  We don’t always know why, nor do we always understand how things happen.  We discuss how God knows and how we must trust in Him.  Isaiah 55:8 tells us, “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord.”   We learn this life lesson all from a tiny bean seed.


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