My Last Year of Basketball

This year of basketball was my second and last year of high school basketball. Last year was the first year I played on our high school basketball team. In these two years that I have been a part of this team I have really seen the highs and the lows of our team. These two years in some areas have been vastly different and in some areas the same. A big difference in the locker room is the fact that last year inside of the locker room no single player seemed to stand up to lead or help other players it was more of a collection of people. This year it seemed to be less of a collection of people and more individualized in some aspects. Also one thing I have noticed is that the attitude within the locker room is different. Last year the mood in the locker room was more fluctuating than it was this year. Last year any game would have returned a different attitude in the locker room. This year it was more constant. After these two years I am left with great things and regrets. I was left with friendships that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Even in just these two years I have gained more athletic ability. The biggest regret after these past two seasons is that I should have joined sooner. After the summation of these two years I am left with more good than bad. I will have these memories to look back on forever.