People are Like Swords

Most of the people who know me know that I love a good story, so it’s no surprise that I like stories such as Naruto. Naruto is the story of a character of the same name, who lives in a world full of people with supernatural powers. Though the story has many, many things I dislike about it, I’ve always enjoyed the messages it brings. Throughout the story of Naruto, many of the messages shown have to do with how people should deal with revenge, misuse of power and that no one should ever give up on a friend, no matter what. One of the messages that is constantly overlooked, however, is the message brought by a man named Mifune, who states “People are like swords.”

It sounds odd at first, but this statement holds much truth. Mifune stated this quote while fighting against a man who once had faith he would find peace, but lost his conviction over time. Mifune, however, stated that he should never have given up, and that if he had kept himself in line, he could have possibly achieved the peace he desired. He stated that, like a sword, people need to keep themselves sharp and ready to fight for what they believe in. This is very much true today. We, as humans, are meant to keep our eye on what is most important to us; we are meant to keep our eyes on God, and never lose faith in Him. We must keep each other strong and sharp, like a blade, so that we never forget this.

Tyler Clemons, Senior Student