Perfect God, Imperfect World.

If you could design your perfect world, what would it look like? Would the grass be green all year long? Would the weather be 55 or 85 degrees? Would everyone get along all the time? It would be nice to live in a perfect world, but sadly we don’t. Because Adam and Eve sinned against God, by eating the fruit, we live in a sinful and fallen place.

We have temptations all around us to sin against our creator. It may not be intentional, but they are there. There are wars that are constant, racism everywhere, and children starving. This is not a happy, perfect place that it once was in the very beginning. Sure, there is a lot of sadness, but we need to find the goodness throughout it. Remember when you were little and your mother told you not to jump off the swing set, but you did anyway? You may have gotten cut or have even broken an arm, but it taught you not to do it again. Another example would be getting extremely sick. You have this high fever, you can’t breathe and it’s getting worse by the minute. You’re put in the hospital and you think “how could anything good come from this.” Well there is always a way. You could witness to your doctor, nurses, and even some of the people that come to visit you by reminding them that Jesus will heal you.

Even though situations may look bad, try and find the good out of it. It will help your relationship and faith in God become a lot stronger. Also, remember that it is not God who makes you fall or puts you in the hospital; it was our fault for sinning. We live in a fallen world and bad things will happen, we just have to keep our eyes on the Lord and stay strong. God knows we are not perfect, and He does not expect us to be. If He did, He would have never let his son come die for us to forgive and remove our sins.

Ashley Chivers
Junior Student