Baton Relay Quiz for 4th Graders

//Slow Motion Relay Race Quiz

DCS 4th Grade at DCS studied for their Bible quiz by using a relay race called the “Baton Race”.

Each of the two teams had a worksheet wrapped around a paper towel roll, and they did slow motion running to the front of the room. Then, each contestant opened up the worksheet, read a Bible quiz question and wrote the answer to as fast as possible, wrapped the quiz paper back around the paper towel roll, and ran in slow motion to the back of the room where they handed the baton off to the next person on their team.

The goal was to see which team could answer all ten questions correctly first. The first team that finished had their answers checked by Mrs. Helegmo, who then awarded points to the students on an app called ClassDojo.

To create an even more exciting environment for the race, the soundtrack from “Chariots of Fire” played for the event.  The kids laughed and were very comical and dramatic.  Mrs. Helgemo said she was also very entertained by her class during this great quiz slow motion running exercise!

Way to go, DCS 4th grade and Mrs. Helgemo!


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