St. Louis Art Field Trip

Not too long ago┬áthe 3rd hour art class went on a field trip to the St. Louis art museum. This field trip was more interesting than I originally anticipated. I was expecting this to be a boring day looking at old paintings. Which is half right–we were looking at old paintings, but it was not boring. The ability to see paintings from such famous painters like van Gogh and Picasso was rather interesting. Something else that was interesting was the amount of detail that these painters were able to put into their paintings. Some you might even wonder if it was a photo taken of the scene and not actually painted. They were that vivid. Another thing that made this field trip interesting was the ability to socialize with friends while looking at the art. Over the field trips I have had this year I have learned that what makes a field trip a good one is not what the subject of the trip is, it is often who you are with while on the trip.

Dylan Grider, Senior Student