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Stained Glass Art

“I’m cutting glass on a ring saw, which you use when you use when you are trying to get more delicate curves in the glass.  It’s easier than just using a regular glass cutter because that usually only cuts straight edges,” said Alice.  A ring saw uses ice and cold water to keep the saw from overheating while it is cutting the glass.  This is a safe way for students to cut the glass pieces designed for the artwork.

Kately also added, “I wrapped the pieces in the copper foil.  I found a picture of a tulip online, and used that for my idea.”

Ethan said, “There was a lot of soldering that had to be done.”  Any gaps between the glass pieces needed to be filled in with foil and solder to get them to fuse together correctly.  “It took a little bit longer, but it looks really good.  I’m proud of the results.”

“We’ve been exploring stained glass art.  We’ve been learning how to use the tools to create stained glass pieces.  We’ve also covered different applications and we settled on the copper foil sun catcher.  Each student did a project of multiple pieces of cut glass.  They used hand-held tools as well as automated mechanical tools to cut glass.  The students then soldered it all together.  In the future, we are going to do some reclamations and restorations of some stained glass pieces.  We might make a project or a piece that could possibly be sold as a fund-raiser for art or some other purpose.” said art teacher, Joel Ruppert.

No fingers were burned, and no students got cut while making the stained glass projects.  Future ideas in the minds of these students were to maybe someday make sports team logo stained glass designs, a volleyball, animals, or other designs.


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