Blessing our Community

    December is the month of blessing our community. Blessing our community is very important in showing the love of Christ. There are many people in our community that need help and shown that people do care about them. I encourage everyone to go out and bless those in our community because this season… Continue Reading

Being a Blessing

The Dcs Cheerleaders are sponsoring a drive for the Oasis Homeless Shelter here in Decatur. They are asking for donations so that they can reach out to those that need help. There will be a box in the office for you to place items in until December 14th. The items that are needed are listed… Continue Reading

Senior Perspective

The score was 24-22 Villa Grove. This could be it, the last play of the game. This also could be the last play I will ever have at Skywalker. We lost the first set but won the second set 32-30 which meant we had to go to a third set. As I was on the… Continue Reading

Blessing Pastors

This year, we are focused on being a blessing to others. Jesus calls us to be servants and blessings to others! This year our goal is to be a blessing to as many people as we can. During the month of September, we were focused on being a blessing to first responders. As we are… Continue Reading

What A Blessing!

Without this school and its constant encouragement and dedication to the students, I don’t know where I would be or where anyone else would be for that matter.