It’s That Time

We all know it is about time for school to end. This time of school has a lot of mixed emotions. Some people are glad that summer is here while others are sad that they won’t get to see many of their friends often anymore. These emotions are more prevalent in seniors than in any… Continue Reading

Wild Game Banquet

A few weeks ago at Mr. Minott’s church, Faith Baptist, there was a wild game banquet. This was a ministry of the church. They had several meals made from animals such as deer and quail. This was not only a meal, it was also an untraditional church service. After the meal, attendees headed to the… Continue Reading

St. Louis Art Field Trip

Not too long ago the 3rd hour art class went on a field trip to the St. Louis art museum. This field trip was more interesting than I originally anticipated. I was expecting this to be a boring day looking at old paintings. Which is half right–we were looking at old paintings, but it was not… Continue Reading

Science Fair Time

As you can tell by the signs it is science fair time. Mrs. McKimmey is running around frantically trying to get everything organized. Some students are still stressing about having their project completely finished. My sophomore year I was in chemistry and had to participate. My sophomore year was the year we brought back the… Continue Reading


This year I am taking calculus class with Mrs. Artime. This class is more exciting than one might expect. It consists of five senior students making the friendship between students amazing. Mrs. Artime makes the class as fun as possible. She also typically which makes the material very easy to digest. So far this year… Continue Reading