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Genius Hour – Cooking Show


Genius Hour is a tremendously creative concept the Mrs. Rasche uses with her students at Decatur Christian. The students are challenged to think about something they would like to learn, and then create a project that incorporates the learning of a skill or idea. In this student's Genius Hour project, Alli decided she wanted to expand her cooking skills, and demonstrate that new skill through the production of a cooking show. With the help of her father coaching with camera skills and video shooting, Alli spent lots of time over a few weeks making five different episodes of her cooking show. [...]

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Genius Hour – The Dancing Bears


Mrs. Rasche has a plan to turn students into masterminds and geniuses. She taps into the interests of learners, and challenges them to create and learn and then share their amazing work. One of these students, Corinn, decided she wanted to create a stop motion video using Ty Beanie Babies bears - lots of them. These bears dance in synchronized fashion, all as directed by Corinn. There are two versions of Corinn's work here on this post. The first one is Corinn's project, and the second version is the narrated explanation of the bears and the stop motion work that makes [...]

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