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STEM Projects Light Up the Classrooms


There is a lot of new activity with our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program here at Decatur Christian School. Fourth grade teacher, Gay Helgemo, has taken a lead role in selecting various hands-on projects for the students in Kindergarten through fourth grade. One project was a foam bracelet made by the students, with an LED light bulb and a small coin battery built into the wrist band. Students put together their foam bracelets by attaching small, self-sticking shapes to their bracelets. Then, with a bit of extra workmanship, they added a small LED light. They truly loved operating these [...]

STEM Projects Light Up the Classrooms2019-02-04T17:33:37-05:00

DCS Robotics Team Places 5th of 17 Teams in Scrimmage Meet


Decatur Christian School has a team of students in the high school level of robotics competition.  The call their team the DCS MechWarriors.  Nathan Weaks, Bryce Shew, Kaleb Reynolds, and Sam Frankovich are making their mark on the landscape of regional tech teams.  Coached by DCS teacher Joe Braun, the team participated in their first scrimmage meet in Champaign, Illinois on November 10th.  There were 5 matches with different objectives in the matches.  The competition is part of First Tech Challenge, which is an organization formed to help students learn about designing, building, and programming robots. Kaleb Reynolds, Bryce Shew, [...]

DCS Robotics Team Places 5th of 17 Teams in Scrimmage Meet2018-11-23T05:19:15-05:00

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