School Ends

After a long year at DCS, it’s almost time for school to end. There are multiple graduations taking place from the 15th of May on, starting with the Preschool Graduation (May 15th), the 8th grade Graduation (May 22nd), and the High School Graduation (May 23rd). Seniors leave school the 16th, and the last day of… Continue Reading


As Easter approaches, so does the 4-day break from school known as Easter Break, lasting from next Friday to Monday. Most students are excited to finally be off from school these few days. Students, however, are advised not to waste this break and to remember the Easter holiday for what it truly is. Easter was… Continue Reading

Living in Love or Fear

Recently, I visited Judson University, a Christian college north of here that teaches Architecture. I enjoyed viewing the campus and learning about all the different facilities there, but the most important thing to me was the chapel service. The speaker there taught about how many believers now only follow God because they feel they have… Continue Reading