The Truth

Many of the different anime I watch and games I play have incredible stories. Pretty much each one has some sort of message in it, teaching the viewer a lesson that may very well change their life. One of the games that I’ve played that has a message in it is Phoenix Wright. The Phoenix Wright series is about a character of the same name, who just so happens to be a lawyer. In the games, there is a constant display of how Phoenix wants to find out the truth behind a case, but the truth has been warped and someone innocent has been framed for a crime. However, every time, Phoenix finds the truth, claiming that all things lead to the truth. He went across many intelligent foes in his adventures, but no matter how well they spun their lies, Phoenix had faith that his clients were innocent. With that faith, he was able to unravel their lies. If we were to have more faith in God, how many lies could we unravel? How many truths could we recover? So long as we have faith in the right things, all things will lead to truth.

Tyler Clemons, Senior Student