The Warrior Chronicles


… the story continues …. Volume 14. Chapter 02. Page 21


She penned her name on the sign-in sheet, read through the informational booklet, and sat in a row of chairs waiting for her name to be called. When it was her turn, she walked back to a curtained cubicle and started the intake process. A few minutes later, after the preliminary assessments were finished, Poppy Anantachai was ecstatic! After two previous attempts and two prior rejections, she was finally considered suitable to donate blood!


During each of the two earlier blood drives held at the school, Poppy was disappointed that she could not give … just because she did not weigh enough. (I admit to some lack of sympathy for that reason. Seriously!) But, she was determined. She ate bananas and more bananas and iron-rich food, and waited for the affirmation that she could give. Yes.


Curious, I asked her why she was so adamant about giving. “Because,” she said with a smile from ear-to-ear, “I heard that each time you donate blood, you save three lives. I wanted to save three lives!” What a beautiful spirit! And, Poppy will tell you that when the next blood drive rolls around on March 28th, she will again be in line … ‘to save three (more) lives.’


Each of us (if we are not disqualified) have the same opportunity that Poppy did to give blood and to ‘save three lives,’ and we can take advantage of that prospect every 56 days. Amazing and exciting as that is, we also have the opportunity to talk about the saving grace of Jesus Christ daily with every person that we meet. We can explain about the sacrificial blood of our Savior that completely covers our sins and absolutely saves us!


At Decatur Christian School, Poppy has braved the needles and has provided a wonderful example of selfless giving to help save lives. Our continuing focus, besides participating with the American Red Cross to sponsor regular blood drives, is to also instill in each of our students the knowledge and the enthusiasm to talk with others about the salvation that is freely available … because Jesus gave His blood ‘to save all lives!’


Thank you, Father, for allowing us to be witnesses to Your Story as it continues to be written in this place! May Your Name be glorified through each of our lives!

Thankful to be part of His Story,

Randy Grigg

“Equipping Warriors for Victory through Excellence, Relationships, and Service”