What A Blessing!

As the start of the new school year has come around, I began to realize the impact this school has on my life. While my summer is filled with craziness and hectic schedules my school year is planned out to fit me perfectly. I have started to become aware that every single one of my teachers is there to help me become a better student and individual. The friends I have made are constant reminders to me that I am blessed beyond measure. The fact that I can pray and worship at my school in a way that many can’t is a blessing in itself. I sit back and look over my years at this school and know for a fact that the person I am today is because of the impact DCS has had on me. Without this school and its constant encouragement and dedication to the students, I don’t know where I would be or where anyone else would be for that matter. I am truly grateful for everyone that has taught or dedicated any time at this school! YOU TRULY ARE A BLESSING!

Michelle DeBrun
Senior Student