Student Aide

Seniors have the opportunity to participate in assisting in younger classrooms. The student aide is assigned to a teacher as part of the elective choices for 12th graders that have qualifying academic standing and credit basis for allowing them to help. The teacher then employs the strengths of the student aide for classroom interactions enhancing learning and carrying out classroom operations under the guidance of the teacher. This becomes a great connection between our older students and younger students, making for a healthy environment for all age groups.


Our music courses include elementary classes learning music through singing, individual learning of musical instruments, and band. Music classes for the lower grades are once per week, but band meets more frequently. Our high school has a ministry team group named “Soul Purpose” where students work together in leading worship and singing. Each Friday, Soul Purpose leads our 6th-12th grade chapel in worship before the speaker comes to address the student body.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are integrated at all grade levels. In lower elementary grades, weekly STEM challenges are presented to the students with supplies and materials to help them discover solutions and work together as teams. Upper elementary and middle school students work on computer coding and programming applied to Lego Mindstorm robots in First Lego League competitions. High school students have the opportunity to join First Tech Challenge and also do computer coding and programming, build robots, and compete with other teams.

First Lego League Team
Fourth Grade Robotics Class


Science courses at Decatur Christian reflect a biblical view of creationism integrated with multiple disciplinary studies. Class offerings include earth science, physical science, biology, chemistry, physics as well as additional courses including forensics, bioethics, creation apologetics, and anatomy and physiology.

Social Studies

Ancient world history, modern world history, culture studies, U.S. history, and American Government are all part of the high school course offerings at DCS. Elementary grades will study early America, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the French Revolution, the American frontier, state growth, and the Civil War. A focus on Illinois history is also part of the elementary program in social studies.


The DCS Bible classes emphasize knowledge of the Bible and a personal relationship with Jesus in daily living. We teach the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and the revelation of God’s plan of redemption for any who call upon Jesus for forgiveness of sin.

Bible classes at Decatur Christian emphasize not only the content, but also our response in living according the biblical principles in every day life. Younger grades study God’s plan of redemption through faith in Jesus Christ. Curriculum studies highlight life application and memory verses and personal growth. Older grades study discipleship, worldview and theology. These courses equip the student to wisely consider the major forces of our culture, and interpret them through a Biblical Christian lens.

Fine Arts

Art classes, band, radio production, theatre, and Soul Purpose are all classes where students develop skills in the fine arts. Soul Purpose is our student ministry and worship team that practices together and then leads worship in our weekly chapel services.

Soul Purpose student ministry group


Elementary grades learn phonics and language arts. Students study the basic parts of speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and verb tenses. Sentence structure, writing skills, vocabulary building, and the mechanics of the English language are learned and mastered.

Upper level English courses expose students to great literature and students learn to evaluate literature in its biblical, historical, and cultural contexts. Students also analyze texts and then compile their thoughts in a clear, concise manner through formal writing in preparation for the college classroom or future professional life. Oral communication is developed through a required formal speech and class participation.

Foreign Language

DCS offers classroom Spanish 1 and Spanish 2. In addition to the classroom Spanish, a great array of foreign language options are available for credit using Rosetta Stone. Students working on Rosetta Stone are accountable for certain progress goals and report to a teacher who supervises the pace of the online learning courses.

Foreign Languages offered through Rosetta Stone: Chinese (Mandarin) I & II, French I & II, German I & II, Italian I & II, Russian I & II, Spanish I & II, Arabic I, Dutch I, Filipino (Tagalog) I, Greek I, Hebrew I, Hindi I, Irish I, Japanese I, Korean I, Latin I, Persian (Farsi) I, Polish I, Portuguese (Brazil) I, Swedish I, Turkish I, Vietnamese I.


Whether a student is learning to count in Pre-K or Kindergarten, learning basic mathematic operations in lower elementary, or working with fractions and story problems, DCS has correct grade level instruction in each classroom. High school math offerings include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, Advanced Math, and Calculus.

PE and Health

Elementary grades have PE one time per week and learn age specific physical fitness skills. Middle school students have PE together 5 days per week. High school students have PE together 4 days per week. Depending on the season, students may be outdoors for PE. Various athletic programming include flag football, soccer, volleyball, running, basketball, and a variety of other individual and team sports.