DCS MechWarriors First Lego League will go to State Competition!

Coaches Lisa Rasche and Joe Braun with the FLL DCS MechWarriors team
Trophy and Certificate of Invitation to the FLL City Shaper State Championship Tournaments
Elisa is explaining the impact of wheel circumference on the robot built by this team

On Saturday, December 7, 2019 the DCS MechWarriors scored so well on their project, robot build, core values and operating the robot that they qualified to go to state competition! It was a great day for our team.

The theme of this year’s competition is a Star Wars theme called City Shaper. Some of the team dressed in Star Wars costumes and went as Princess Leia and some Ewoks.

The robot executes missions on the game board from First Lego League that is the same game board around the world for this competition. One of the missions moved objects representing blue, red, and white houses into their respective colored circles on the game board. Another mission lifted a structure representing a steel building at a construction site. All the missions require attachments to the Lego Mindstorm robot, and also require programming which is done by the students.

The team also selected to study a wetland local to Decatur, Illinois at Rock Springs Nature Preserve. The girls demonstrated the importance of wetlands and how they impact nature. They discovered that the plants embed their roots in the ground which helps prevent erosion. They roots also help filter the water and help prevent flooding.

We are so proud of this team. Congratulations, DCS MechWarriors FLL team. Go, go, go!!!!

First Tech Challenge Results of First Meet

On November 9, 2019 the Central East Division of Illinois First Robotics met at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building in Urbana, Illinois. There were ten teams that participated in this event where teams were paired with a different team each round of the day. There were five rounds of competition, and working together was an important feature of the day. In the end, our DCS MechWarriors placed fifth out of ten teams. Thanks to everyone who helped in this great event.